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AERO30 New Spill/Splash Proof Cap

AERO30 New Spill/Splash Proof Cap


World's Fastest Hydration System featuring our newly redesigned XFlow3™ Spill/Splash proof cap.

INCLUDES: 30oz (887ml) Bottle, AeroFlow™ straw housing & straw, NEW XFlow3™ fill-on-the-go cap (AeroMount™ Sold Separately)

FEATURES: High aspect ratio, airfoil design, AeroFlow™ patent pending aerodynamic straw housing, 30oz capacity, BPA Free


CLEANING: After each use, to clean your bottle, simply fill with a few drops of liquid dish soap and warm water and shake vigorously. In addition you can use a thin bottle brush to gently clean out the corners at the bottom. Please take care when inserting a bottle brush.

**NEW XFlow3™ fill-on-the-go cap is not compatible with older AERO series bottles

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