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Bento X

Bento X


NEW! Aerodynamic Frame Mounted Storage System

INCLUDES: BentoX™ Storage System

FEATURES: 1.4 times larger than AeroBento™

CFD designed Aero taper for maximum aerodynamic advantage

Frontal brake and deraileur/di2 integration. Unit will slide over cables for clean and easy fit with front cockpit

Allows for 5cm of 'slide' for perfect fit

Holds approx. 5-6 energy gels and/or salt tabs, chews etc.

Moulded rubber EZ Reach™ Access Cover

Mounts directly to integrated top tube boss mounts

Dimensions: L: 9.9" x W: 1.8" x H: 1.83" (25cm x 4.6 cm x 4.7cm)

*Works on any bike frame with top tube BOSS mounts


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