The TorHans® AERO SERIES bottles are the most aerodynamic, aero-bar mounted, hydration systems on the market today.

Available in either 20oz or 30oz capacity, these high aspect ratio designed hydration systems feature the patent pending AeroFlow™ straw and XFlow™ fill-on-the-go cap to ensure you keep fast and stay hydrated without ever coming out of your aero position.

The Aero Series bottles utilize a vertical dual-channel mounting system to ensure they mesh perfectly with your triathlon or time trial bike. The TorHans® AeroMount™ is adjustable and can accommodate bar widths up to 14cm. Additionally, this unique dual-channel mounting system gives you the ability to integrate the TorHans® AeroTray™ to the unused channel, where it can be used to hold your bike computer, energy gels, or whatever else you need handy and out of the wind.

20oz or 30oz aero bottle (650ml or 887ml)
AeroFlow™ straw housing & straw
XFlow™ fill-on-the-go cap

High aspect ratio, airfoil design
AeroFlow™ patent pending aerodynamic straw housing
20oz or 30oz capacity
BPA Free


The TorHans® VR SERIES frame mounted aero bottle is the most aerodynamically efficient way to carry fluids on a bicycle frame for any cycling or multisport event.

Advanced aerodynamics, high flow bite valve, superior retention system, and best-in-class value, the VR bottle from TorHans® has it all. Designed to be seemless from the bite valve, to the bottle, to the holder, the VR System not only looks fast, it actually tested in the wind tunnel at negative drag – producing less drag than having no bottle on the bike at all. This system is great for hydration on short courses or you can use it as the fastest way to carry your nutrition on race day. The VR is designed from top to bottom to make sure you "Conspire Against the Wind."

VR™ Bottle - 20oz (590ml)
HiFlow™ - Bite Valve/Spout
Universal Mount + Mounting Hardware

High aspect ratio, airfoil design
Innovative HiFlow™ bite valve
Mounts to seat tube or downtube
20oz capacity
BPA Free


The AERO BENTO represents the leading edge of aerodynamic frame mounted nutrition carriers.

Easy access to race nutrition is critical. But so is aerodynamic efficiency. And until now, these two important elements were mutually exclusive. Enter the new TorHans® AeroBento™. Designed, engineered and aerodynamically optimized in CAD and CFD, the AeroBento™ is the first hard-sided, soft-topped, “reach & grab” nutrition carrier on the market. Designed to hold 4 to 5 energy gels in an invisible to the wind carrier, the TorHans® AeroBento™ is leading the way in aerodynamic inventiveness.

AeroBento™ Storage System

Moulded rubber EZ Reach™ Access Cover
Mounts on frame using Boss Mounts

Volume: 15in3 (245cm3)
Dimensions: L: 7.5" x W: 1.6" (19cm x 4 cm)


The TorHans® AeroZ™ has been designed to be the most functional and aerodynamic lay-flat hydration system available.

TorHans co-developed the AeroZ™ with aerospace aerodynamicists to give the athlete the fastest way to carry fluids. The AeroZ™ allows for multiple straw tubing positions to lay flat on the aero extensions or vertically via an embedded high-strenght magnet at the rear of the bottle. An additional magnet is included to place on the aero extensions. Our innovative XFlow II™ fill-on-the-go cap is fully sealed against spilling and splashing. The AeroZ™ is the only gravity fed hydration system available, eliminating remaining fluids. The AeroZ™ also allows for future compatibility with internal frame bladder hydration systems.

22oz aero bottle (BPA Free) (650ml)
SpeedFlow™ bite valve
XFlow II™ splash proof fill-on-the-go cap
Straw (BPA Free)
Neodymium Magnet Aerobar Straw Mount

Note: AeroMount™ Sold Seperately