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Money well spent

At TorHans we’re committed to help you to go faster as efficiently as possible, while using the least amount of precious energy along the way. We also design products that have significant value in dollars with the most aerodynamic drag advantage available. This means that for every dollar you spend on TorHans hydration and storage systems, you will enjoy the most aerodynamic advantage available per dollar spent, compared to any other aerodynamic product available on the market today.

Felt IA3
3 Watts
$777 Per
Zipp 808
7 Watts
$57 Per
Pearl Izumi Ski Suit
5 Watts
$12 Per
LG P09 Helmet
6 Watts
$10 Per
TorHans Aero30
5 Watts
$9 Per

* Aerodynamic data provided by ERO Sports.